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Prospecting With A Dry Fly (12 of 14)

Video Transcript:

All right. Just because the fish aren't rising doesn't mean you can't catch them on a dry fly, particularly on a stretch of water like this, where the water is low, clear, relatively shallow. We know there's trout in here, and there are some insects hatching. There's an occasional rise, but nothing that we can really target. But you can blind fish your prospect with a dry fly by poking a dry fly into the likely looking places, which is what we're going to try now. So I've got a piece of water here, a nice riffle. I'm pretty sure there's fish in there. I'm just going to fish this dry fly in all the likely looking places. I'm going to concentrate on the foam line, because that's where the food is, and that's probably where the fish are going to be located.

Fishing a dry fly like this, it's important to have a high floating fly, or, at least, a fly that's visible, something like a parachute with a white wing. Or something you can see, because you don't have a rise to target, so you've got to really keep your eye on the fly. That will be better. Oh, cast fly did the trick. Yeah. Rainbow. I don't think he's done yet, but... I guess he's done. You can just lower the net and let him go. He doesn't need any reviving. Wow, that's a slab.