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Sight Casting With Dries (13 of 14)

Video Transcript:

Tom: I traveled to Alberta to join my friend, Dave Jensen, who taught me a lot about small stream, dry-fly fishing.

Dave: No telling what we've got here today. We're going to be walking up a tiny little spring creek. Right in front of us here we have a beaver dam that's backed that water up, so it's crystal clear water. What this beaver has done, it's real shallow here but we're going to get into kind of a trough as it goes all the way up, and on either side there's a drop-off right against the grasses that the trout will hold right-tight to the grasses, come out, feed, and go back.

Now, they would normally be hard to see except, in this crystal clear water, you can pretty much just walk along real slow, look at the base of the grasses, and walk up. We're looking for heads, pectoral fins, and tails. On some of the bigger males, they're going to have that big flagging tail. That's a dead giveaway that he's there.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah, baby! Ha ha ... get out of the weeds, boy. Nice fish. What have we got? 17, 18 inches, Tom?

Tom: Oh boy. Can't beat that. On a dry, in the middle of the day; in the middle of a fairly bright day.