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Fishing A Dry Dropper Combination (8 of 14)

Video Transcript:

When you've got fish that are occasionally rising and you know there's an area that's really stacked with fish, or if you're just prospecting for fish in faster water, a good thing to use is a dry dropper. And all you need to do is take a high floating dry fly, tie a piece of tippit on the bend of that dry fly, and tie a small nymph or a larger nymph if you've got a big high floating fly on the end. When you're fishing a dry dropper, particularly in slow water like this, that dry fly is not going to dive under. It's just going to hesitate, it might sink, but if that dry fly does anything weird, anything that doesn't look right, set the hook because it's not going to be a vicious strike, it's just going to kind of dip under.

You can fish a high floating dry fly in combination with a smaller dry, with an emerger, or with a nymph. Whatever combination you choose, fishing dry droppers is a great way to fish on anything from big rivers to tiny brooks.